Mitsubishi Ductless A/C Maintenance


Mitsubishi Ductless A/C Maintenance Details

Proper maintenance of your Mitsubishi ductless A/C system will ensure a comfortable temperature, the lowest possible energy bills, and an increased life expectancy of your system.

The permanent washable air filters supplied with Mitsubishi equipment are a compromise between size, energy-efficiency, and filtration capture rate efficiency. Over time, some minute dust particles migrate past the air filters to contaminate the coils and blower wheels on the Mitsubishi system which requires disassembly and thorough cleaning of the internal components. Periodic routine maintenance is far less expensive than replacing an entire system. The increased efficiency gained from proper maintenance will provide a substantial return on investment by lowering energy bills and increasing the life expectancy of the equipment.

We are centrally located in Irving, TX, meaning we can provide service anywhere in North Texas, including: Arlington, Coppell, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie and more. Contact us today to get a quote and find out if we can service your home!


Ensure comfortable temperature


Increased life expectancy


More energy efficient


Save money

Benchmark Service technician servicing a ductless ac system
Two Benchmark Service technicians maintaining and servicing a ductless ac system in Dallas-Fort Worth.
Happy Benchmark Service technician servicing and maintaining a ductless a/c system in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the benchmark been in business?

Benchmark has been serving the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex for over 20 years.

What makes Benchmark the Mistubishi expert?

We are not just an AC company that works on Mitsubishi. We are only focused on Mitsubishi and have the expertise as well as manufacturing relationship that makes us the best, hands down. If you have a Mitsubishi A/C unit already or need a new one we highly recommend working with us.

Does Mitsubishi have a warranty?
The Mitsubishi warranty is for parts and compressors. It is extended to 12 years if installed and registered by a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor. As is standard practice in the HVAC industry, Mitsubishi does not pay labor under any circumstance. Benchmark includes 1-year labor warranty coverage on everything we do.
How long does it take to install a new unit?

Each project is custom. But a standard install takes 1 to 2 days. There are many factors to take into account regarding install and we take the time to look at all issues to ensure a proper install.

How does Mr. Slim work?

​Mr. Slim employs the same mechanical components as any basic air-conditioning system whose interactions cause the process of evaporation to occur. Mr. Slim is a split-ductless design, which simply means the indoor unit is separated from the outdoor unit and is connected by a gas and a liquid refrigerant line. The outdoor unit is considered the hot-side during the air-conditioning process. The cold-side unit is located indoors. In the heating process, the compressor reverses this operation, and the heat energy is evaporated in the outdoor unit. Then the indoor unit collects this heat energy while a fan blows air over the indoor coil and distributes the warm air into the room.

Why should I consider buying Mr. Slim?

​Mitsubishi Electric is the industry leader in ductless air conditioning technology. Our innovations have defined cutting edge technology for years. Compare and you’ll see no one surpasses Mr. Slim’s​ performance for quiet, easy-to-use energy-efficient operation. And since our ductless technology carries the Mitsubishi Electric name, you know every unit is built to last. The bottom line is that Mr. Slim delivers the ultimate control of comfort for your home or office. It’s true today and will be comfortably self-evident for years to come.

How quiet is Mr. Slim?
​Mr. Slim is designed to be quieter and more efficient than old window units, so you’ll sleep easier with less worry about operating costs. The unit’s fan is designed to deliver air quietly with only a gentle whoosh (That’s why Mr. Slim is the first choice for thousands of churches, schools, and libraries).